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Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Subject:Mister Plasmixery
Time:1:55 am.
Mood: indifferent.
Foe Toe Booth

[A jocular approach to My Fitness Testimonial]
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Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Time:6:16 pm.
Mood: working.
During a short time in Austin Texas,,,
Familiar sacred springs and rock walkings

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Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Time:5:00 am.
Mood: krung.

once upon (vieja & Старо )
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Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Time:1:34 pm.
Mood: firetummy.






(- Sex in the Ancient World - Pt 1-Egypt Pt 2 -Pompeii )
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Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Subject:Chaos thread or hyperdimensional lyric battle
Time:2:20 am.
Mood: Typical.
A thread from deoxy.org. Just re-discovered in 'sent mail' to my family.

"Why the World's Fucked Up"   (Thread circa late 2007)

babbarr ---

Because most people hold onto
and consider their most treasured
possession their own worst enemy:



when we label people
we lock them down
in a fixed perception
and all too often
they succumb
to what the labellers
told them
they were
when in actuality
what the labellers
is only a tiny
of what
that person
they're labelling
to a much broader

we are many things
we are everything
but most of all
we are the actions
we choose TO BE
and integrity
and morality
play a large part
if you're into
those sorts of things


and i too
will hold on to them
for a long long

ZenJaMMiN ----

there is a kernel of energy 'tendency' that created what you called EGO
Many of the complexes which you called EGO
why not defer to that kernel..?..

gopaniwag ----

kernal of my kernal
blue corn of black rice
secret of the secret
out in the open open
little uddha of big buddha
lotus of this sutra song
diamond of directions
let go ego of my ego
fruit pit in belly
bowl of my alms bowl
from uncountable lifetimes
rags wrapped around this
newspapers to cover the sun
down this material world
voices that create attachment
to myths of conqueror personas
to shadows of ignorance and pride
to God with dollar signs in his eye
oh we have seen this false ego before
have seen it rear its Moloch head
we have lost the thread of sanity
that once outlined some notion of
civilization that contained a kernal
of truth in every part of the whole
we needed to see through the eye of
universal understanding that is shed
like beams of harmonic rays like hands
stretched out to the holy beggar with
morsels of quantum voids star roads
oh the energy-go round oh where it stops
nobody knows yet there is a non-egoic
science that remembers why it came here
remembers the lines and shapes of truth
the ritual of simple flows and spoke it
to the elements as it recalls its silent
names that allowed for movement in swift
forms that mirror the river of human days

PeacePaul ---

let me take you by the hand,
feel the wallpaper of skin
embossed on my memory
like tattoos on a dragon drum
a path through the palindromic
seein' what we read in comics
rollin' down hills that have no
indentations, sighing...........
because we want to
 Wake up
and shout from the top
of each and every cerebellum
yes yes yes each and every one of you is
in a state of REALisation, it's all true
everything you've ever wondered about is TRUE
YES you are enlightened, YES you are unique,
YES you can be anything you want to be
but if i said that, you'd laugh
and say it was
my ego

or you'd think i was just singin' you a song.

grouchotrout -----

dawoilds fukt up coz
peoples think it's fukt up, he sayid.
peoples sayis, dawoilds fukt up!
and den a people goes, yup, shore iz, innit?
den a peoples what don't have fun tings tadoo
gitogether and sayis, wheeze gotsa fixedis!

but days daddies ne'er toldem,
iffinitaint brokedon't ficsit!

disis what he thanks, sumtimes, to hisself.
forealzdo, he finks dat izallall.
fucking iz for the making of the babies.
pointz isfor daycart
anduh tippy top of zippeez hayud.

she go. . .go . . . go egoing . . .
going BOiNG not unlike
a big Boeing
roaring overhead 
beneath clouds frowning
an ego in every thread,
every wispy vaporous head

dead ego, live ego
you go me go it go
no go no show
just flow fo sho
fo po po badge of the id - go ipsus
go to IP address
do no collect ASCII
flow like the chi chi
be like bees and she-be
for a threebie freebie sheik's sheaf

face in a sheath
mind in a wreath
framed in pain with bleached teeth
gold framed leaf
golden teeth
where is the ego beef, chief?

the whizzes of id
the live and the dead,they didn't
they did
they done dunnit
who'd of thunk it
goth and punk, tattoos and cockrings
ringworms and maggots
jocks and faggots
line dancing and supermarket prancing
thongs on aisle nine
rubber glasses and high class wine

ego the form given a name
washed aside with storm, the rain came
and thunder was born, to the bighead's shame
ripe as striped candy, a dollar a dame,
a chivalrous damsel under duress

even a rhythmic free-flow
soon turns sour
with the  spellpower,
of clockwork egos


ego shemego
web sites e go go
e put e go on
and hit the go button
it gets readable
go e go e go e on
the road, the yellow
mellow shark hark no
got me no ego
baby, ego is junk
junk is ego
junk is no good baby
ego baby junk
baby junk
egg on yer ego
no good baby
baby ego
MY EGO!!!!
OOPS!! yer eeeeegoooo
is showin baby it's bad
junk ego
let go


and baby began
the toddler's tough strut,
began and i-ran
i run to e-bay
to google the ego
the rattles and googligock
Mine! playroom, playthings
spyware toys for daycare boys,
the birthright of squirt shit and snore flow ever more
Master Suess
fleece in your  foose and a  mouse in my noose
a loco comotion caboose charade
lingerie lime with lemon AIDs
ego space trapped in smiling face
entranced in expectation
egads! tis  fucked up, doest they enjoy that 
frozen fit of facial distortion
ramming your Being into confounding proportion 
(y'all world o' lego lucifers)
Legs and moto scooters
shooter arcades under blinking strobelight beerdriven limeade
you got i got
what we were born with
replaced by generating
generations ov cells
mimicking the former or outdoing them or failing them
depends on your Terrain
what you came into Bodhi with,
the Body Tree,
(love uh lee#)
Achtung! there go go MINE!! if there is such a thang
as possession
but cling on babes, beautiful bebes,
if it 'makes' the sun shine,
you got you got ego you was born with is all
how tall is that
wii world of false brats 
breaking silence with spats
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Monday, September 28th, 2009

Subject:Equinox rain rain lovely rain
Time:11:36 pm.
Mood: endorphin rush.
Having been bequeathed with a curious idleness of constructive favor, i might be posting more often for a time.

Elder of my two sisters' birthday - she is 33. 

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Friday, September 18th, 2009

Subject: parabolic breath meets the epicenter of pandemonium
Time:7:05 pm.
Mood: Loosely.
Various Scribble from here and there, author = zenjammin

It's sicilian psychosis
 inducing trip gnosis
sorcerous forgeries with cancerous stories 
 coldcock sporting a  triple dimple with the rocking horse shock on its pimple simply pounding up thru the cranial temple
Frying up a screaming fanfare, we is sharing queerly our Scandanaviously skinny, cheery red scare 


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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Subject:Keepin' the Lil' Journal in Play
Time:6:09 am.
Mood: Bellydancin.
2nd Mural, erected in Taurus time

                  .................................v.v.v.v.vv.v..vv>>>>with 1 ov  Houston most respecteth rapper image, died of AIDS

RePRiSE~~ The 1st Mural, in Aries time
(they wish to do 12// for 1 year.... if the City does not win in shutting the hive down.....)


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Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Subject:Om Cowboy's Old Wall in the Loft
Time:7:58 pm.
Mood: Cholla Hoov.
Old wall being used for spare parts.
Took photos today.
Done by Om Cowboy (Dr Slacker) and friends years ago.
At the time i added the can of whoop ass and the quetzalcoatl (w/dry erase penz



***** ******** ***** ************ ** ********* **** ******


((*) (*) ------------------------------------------------------------------------(*)(*))

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Subject:Today eye lent an ear tomorrow i dance yesterday superjam WOW like whooo YaWN!!
Time:8:32 pm.
Mood: Eheoomabaramba.
besides the open eye, pranic semi-constant meditation of recent years,
i am upon waking meditating. On this on that, whatever immediate inclination surfaces.
Count the many years since a traditional,
"sitting" was practiced by this human. Maybe 6 years i have been without that ... and almost as many for electromagnetic sexual - aura enhancement. Which is not what i am doing.. though i check on it sometimes.. and it is just beneath the surface of the games i play, still..THank the All..! for that;
and some minor muscle devepement, after 4 years of nothing, as well as running around the building to get where-everrrr .....

Hoo cha!
Images left by someun'
Am told he is 'much like me' but older ....
the guy left his notes ------ scanned and entered the local bizarro computer slideshow

(bzz ordantithal 22.4000001% reflared ///}} mocah @ ziggerat float tank bzz mzz symbullshit .. n sum mercow spit .. twaggle twine tooth-scum>>)) (H(O))LY O(!{L)}


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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Subject:ATX Fine Arts ~~~~ Novelty interest
Time:8:04 pm.
Mood: Robotic.
TEXAS +/Austin Art 
((including graffiti~)

               Earthen Bodies                                  Mindy Kober
240     240
                        Kieth S Anders                                                               Cy Smatters

Marty Lemmons-POISON             


Ron Moses                   Co-Worker -- Seed Terranova entered recent gallery



Timothy Briner
Arizona-- Massive thunderstorm @ 25 miles.. taken by myself


Melissa Steele -- Earthen Bodies session


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Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Subject:Scrapbook Diaries of the Dingbat
Time:4:09 pm.
Mood: Lunar Eclipsed.
juz another article flat in the middle of Austin Chronicle

Jenny ~~~Editor (( checkin out a voice-over )) San Diego 2007

*~*--_-**>>~> *~*--_-**>>~> *~*--_-**>>~> *~*--_-**>>~> *~*--_-**>>~> *~*--_-**>>~> *~*--_-**>>~>-=:)

TOMMY, heart-brother. aka Tatanga, whitebuffaloman
   teached me to make teepee from WalMArt materials (crazee) ..among a number o otherities

(still promoting Avatar Music , he's the best live soundman in the south)

Daughter of zenjammin
Cousin's got a book out. He my age, grew up makin home movies we did.

          1 of many mermaids by a friend now in Hawaii.......

VAmos Sushumos, we vientre su sudame' LOCOS !!!!! Logos!!!! (mos Bozos)
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Friday, July 11th, 2008

Subject:Gearing Up for Hell
Time:12:22 am.
Mood: Wurkucktiffical.
Recalling Boards of Canada's supreme quaintness

Alpha + 0Mega

        1969 (mp3)
                           the DEVIL is IN the Details (mp3)

Recalling a damned spliffy something from APHEX TWIN (mp3)
Vanboo, redecoratives; trailer i helped build last winter .

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Subject:MORE mp3MEDIA DOWNLOADS & Images off local comp
Time:9:38 pm.
Mood: Body Not-Moving.
OF Various artists

TOEJAM and EARL Live Instrumental
Listen here,

Save it HeRE ****

SPOCK RAP (1960s)
                                                        HIGHLY ILLOGICAL

               The Legend of Dar mp3
                                                  Night Journey.Eagle.City.mp3                                                                                                                               AHero'sTheme.mp3

PREDATOR :    Soundtrack
                  Jungle Trek          &          Anytime


I have no computer, yet i store music and pictures on the Mac G4 (many Macs .. +  one Dell, ) in the funky fucking 24-hr office. HERE ARE PICTURES!

One by </a></b></a>blackwell </lj-embed>


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Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Subject:Louisiana photos
Time:2:35 am.
Mood: Palpable.
Contact with certain situations has led to more photo album scanning, to digitize the shambling thick compendium of photographs;

           Father takes my mother's cane                                                     Taken near my birthland on roadtrip

 recent family reunion::  sis and aunt appear comedy sketch :::::::  90 yr grandma Aries and her abode

GOIN' MUSIC ----> Tricked trig Miami-based website-builders
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Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Subject:Much money trips to Land 25 miles back forth
Time:11:14 pm.
Mood: Malchiaked.
Invited to help and so learn Cobstone building ---@ the area where i lived last Autumn. i may , though did not volunteer; must admit the knowledge may be very useful in a few years.  Craig has been staying out there again ; congenial fellow, a friend i will call him,  who has helped dhanus  with veggie fuel gnosis.

                                              (ay there a Werecrab near the door, daresay)

George Swanson has been brains behind the feng'n of this and a Maui land of the owner

Water tanks for raincatcher set up last week. Glad to have NOT been involved in moving them.
While there collected belongings/shit
((Music-Dell comp, EarthBoots, busted conga, decorative oddities,,,))****************************************************************************

</font>Scorpio Sister and my pedals                                          Powerful collage from paedaemonic
[bad username =???????
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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Subject:ReTaking the Weird Arthouse
Time:10:32 pm.
iMAGES. Getting the BUILDING back into FLOWABILITY. Staged a COUP on the embezzle-ready previous taskmaster. ((Viking attire was donned by the returning taskforce))

      shot right before Taskforce of Mayans        Erik the BewareRePaireMan
         cleaned (killed) it

5 days, 5 feet grew this boo planted by i knew me who
      Another tasking, part time p.i. ... of... heheh nay cannot allude

hidden long hair                                                              searching dumpster for ... thigeeeee

replacer de coupe ..                        y her "weirdbossmon"

hm, pic of quarry vehical i take, near sprouting bamboo

the 'kNightWatchMan' of the warehouse

of course , "keep austin weird' being the city's slogan ..  

!st handrum bought 1998, outlasted all those since, and sounds trippiest.
Thankful to still play it. Tis quite... ouranian in tone. Have not recorded it.

                                                                                                    One of many of a local tenant's pieces
the COMPASSION COACH (still houses "my belongings / shit") .. my ShIT be still
scattered around place to place... shit crud accessories nonresequites baggage soulsuckers
dumbed-down self-extensions... etc
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Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Subject:Video formats and basic nonselfage
Time:11:52 pm.
Mood: overworked.
Peeps' own pictures. Gathered from a small geek community, mainly 14-22 year olds, that i mesh with on occasion</font>

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Monday, March 24th, 2008

Subject:Courier of carhome, i buyed, cross the States
Time:12:00 am.
Mood: BuzyAsFuck.

HiQuality versions of tunes i made

Tilebrick Swastika (wav)
Re-EQed ALL, reMixed, made vocals louder, more distortion on guitar

Zen Corazen (wav)
The original 24-bit sound

The journey, Pisces 2008

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Monday, February 11th, 2008

Subject:Translocational PackMuleshifting
Time:5:30 pm.
Mood: chiiiiL.
Halfling Giveaway Shuffle    (wav download)
(made on my solar return a YEAR ago)

THuNDERJiggER  (Mac download)
Jam on acid. Guitar was myself.

MARCH of the REPTILE (wav download)
My friends' -- CLOVENdwarf--latest..  Based on a jam, was re recorded as a song. dhanus sings and plays drums.

San Diego Studio is being broken down, sold online... pictures i took

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